Xiaomi Airdot Pro Review – Is It Worth It?

Xiaomi Mi airdots pro has been released for a long time. Here we will have deep xiaomi airdot pro review.

1. Introduction:

Xiaomi Bluetooth headset Air is a split-type Bluetooth headset. It is sold at around $80 on the E-shops. At this price, you can choose a lot of split-type Bluetooth headset. Here I will try to figure out: Is it worth?

2. Unboxing:

Let’s see if the looking worths.

Xiaomi Airdot Pro Review

Xiaomi products are mostly blue, white, red and white. No exception on colors this time.

Xiaomi Airdot Pro Review

The back is the description. Basically all the headphones are the same. The only thing worth is the manufacturer ‘1 MORE’ for the Xiaomi ecological chain. 1 MORE has the top products quality. And the designs of 1 MORE are good too.

Xiaomi Airdot Pro Review
Xiaomi Airdot Pro Review

Open the box, including: headset body, charging box, charging cable, earmuffs and user manual.

Xiaomi Airdot Pro Review

The charging port is type-c. This is so nice and it follows the trend. The charging port is at the bottom. So the charging port is not visible when it is being placed. But there should be a dust plug. It should be taken into account the cost of making the mold. Xiaomi did not do it and it makes the cost down.

Xiaomi Airdot Pro Review
Xiaomi Airdot Pro

The main design theme of the earphones is square and round. Looking squarely from afar. When looking closely, the edges are all curved. The design is quite satisfactory. There is nothing outstanding. I have to say, this simple design is pretty difficult to get the design award.

Xiaomi Airdot Pro

There are 2 gold-plated copper charging ports on the bottom of the earphone. There is no cut corner here.

Xiaomi Airdot Pro

Look at the side, seems that there is even no logo. I really do not know what brand at the first sight. The top is not a smooth surface. But there is a circle of CD texture. This design is very common on JBL’s speakers. It may be a tribute to the CD era.

3. Performance:

1. Connection

Xiaomi airdot pro will automatically connect to the phone if you have paired it before. This is a very standard function to the bluetooth earphones.

2. Stability

When using both earphones of Xiaomi airdot pro, the stability is still good. I used it for one day. The connection broke twice. I think in the split bluetooth headsets, it has been very good. Some people say it is even not bluetooth 5.0 and the stability will not be good. I have to say, the the cheaper one Xiaomi airdot is Bluetooth 5.0. The connection of it is still unstable.

3. Usability

Xiaomi airdot pro can be used with a separate left or right earphone. Most split Bluetooth headsets in the same prices range can only be used with the left or right ear.

4. Battery Life

The general battery life is 4 hours. With the charging box is 10+ hours. Nothing special.

5. Sensor

The ear sensor is only valid for the music app. And Xiaomi airdot pro will stop playing music when they leave the ear. But if you are watching the video and taking off the headphones, both headphones will continue to work.

6. Noise cancelling

Noise cancelling function is only for daily life. It means that there is not much noise cancelling. But there is no obvious change in the pressure inside the ear. Overall, you can listen to music more comfortable in a noisy environment.

7. Comfort

Is it comfortable to wear? In order to match the comfort of Apple’s half-ear Bluetooth headset, Xiaomi chose a shallow ear design. So the foreign body feels very light. In addition, Xiaomi’s earmuffs are made of one-piece silicone earmuffs. They are very soft.

8. Sound quality

Look at the hardware first, the titanium-plated diaphragm performs normally. It is not worth the money. It Xiaomi uses graphene, it will be another story. We check the software. You can adjust the sound field. This is nice.

4. Xiaomi Airdot Pro Review Summary

So here is my review for Xiaomi airdot pro. Do you like it?

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