Xiaomi and Yeelight motion sensor lamps

We know that having so many devices turned on in your house, it is very likely that your electricity consumption will increase and vary at the end of the month. How many times have you gone and forgotten to turn off a light? With Xiaomi and Yeelight motion sensor lamps, this mistake will not be repeated since the light will remain on only in those rooms that are occupied and will turn off when no movement is detected in it.

Motion Sensor Lamps, Best for Xiaomi and Yeelight Energy Saving


Xiaomi Mijia Night Light 2 / Xiaomi and Yeelight Motion Sensor Lamps - Xiaomi News

Model: Xiaomi Mijia Night Light 2 MJYD02YL

Xiaomi Mijia Night Light 2 has an IR sensor and a photosensitive sensor, thanks to which it will activate when it detects movement in situations of little or no lighting, both natural and artificial light.

The light will stay on for 15 seconds after detecting the last movement. The set of its magnetic base plus the rounded body, make it possible to orient it in the position that best suits you at all times, you can even take it with you, since it can be separated from the base. This little lamp has 2 adjustable brightness modes. It is powered by 3 AA batteries, with an autonomy that can reach a year.

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Model: Sothing Sunny Light Night

Sothing Sunny Light Night has an elegant design that adapts to any room in our home, as well as being able to separate the main body from the support. To reposition this night light in its support, just move it closer and through the magnetic system it will automatically be well placed.

The lamp has 6 LEDs that have a total of 0.25 Watts that are capable of offering us between 40 and 50 lumens and a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin. It has 3 modes of use (On – Off – Auto) that we can select from the switch that is hidden once we place the Sunny Night Light on its support.

In On mode it can stay on for 20 hours thanks to its 500 mAh battery. On the other hand, In Auto mode it can be turned on between 1500/1800 times for 20 seconds with an intensity of 3 lumens.



Model: Yeelight Night Light YLYD10YL

The Yeelight YLYD10YL night light automatically lights up in the dark thanks to its built-in sensor. Its smart sensor has a range of 5-7 meters and a range of 120 °, so it automatically turns on when it perceives your movement in the vicinity.

Therefore, it is recommended for any type of room, hallway, children's room … etc. It is suspended or adhesive: it is extremely easy to install, as it has a hook on the back that will allow you to place it anywhere. In addition, it has 3M tape so you can adhere it to various surfaces such as cabinets, stairs, bedside tables, garage, hallway, etc.

It has a color temperature of 2700K which emits a soft light and does not dazzle. The most striking thing about the product is its ultra low power consumption. In addition, its built-in 750 mA rechargeable lithium battery will allow you up to 120 days of use with a single charge. Say goodbye to constant recharges, enjoy battery life

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Model: Yeelight Motion Sensor Light Night

This lamp has a combination of advanced photosensitive sensors with anti-infrared interference function and an infrared detector so that it only lights up once it is dark enough to require the additional light. Second, it has a 120 ° field of view and can detect a human figure at a distance of 5 to 7 meters.

This little device is strictly battery powered. The first setting can run for 6 months in the brightest 3.2Lm mode. If this is too bright for you, you can set the 0.7Lm mode which will easily last an incredible 12 months. And if you're not using it, it also has a staggeringly low standby power consumption of 0.25mW.

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If you are looking for a more versatile option with more lighting and battery charging visit this link where we analyze Yeelight USB Powered Small Night Light. One of the best options that has a price of € 11 / $ 13.

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Model: Yeelight Night Light

Another good option within the lamps that accept home automation options is the Yeelight Night Light from the Xiaomi partner. The Yeelight Night Light has a motion sensor that is capable of detecting when a person is nearby.

While in manual mode, it behaves like a simple light that we can turn on and off at will. It has 2500K of light power, through its integrated LED bulbs inside, and has a consumption of 0.4W. It is a perfect option as a night light for the children's room or for the common areas of your house.

In summary…

As you have seen, you have a multitude of options in Xiaomi and Yeelight motion sensor lamps that allow you to enjoy the advantages of motion sensor lamps. Not only will you notice it in your pocket, but you will also save energy and make your home a safer place.

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