Xiaomi Band 4 and Xiaomi Band 3, which is better?

Xiaomi Band 4 and Xiaomi Band 3, which is better? Many folks still don’t know. I will make a comparison review between these two Xiaomi bands. Let’s take a look.


Xiaomi Band 4 has a huge upgrade compared to the previous generation Xiaomi Band 3. The first is on the screen. In the past, Mi Bands equipped with black and white small screens. Xiaomi Band 4 changed to the past, using a full-color AMOLED large screen. The screen is with very rich color. And it also has a 2.5D protective glass arc design, which has an excellent feel. The full-color screen also makes Mi Band 4 highly recognizable when it is bright.

The most obvious difference between Xiaomi Band 4 and Xiaomi Band 3 is the dial. Xiaomi Band 4 uses a 0.95-inch AMOLED color screen with a resolution of 240120. And it is equipped with a 2.5D scratch-resistant protective glass. But Xiaomi Band 3 is only with a 0.78-inch black and white screen with a resolution of 12880. And it is only protected by a plastic cover.


Xiaomi Band 4 is also superior to Xiaomi Band 3 on sensors. Xiaomi Band 4 equips with a 6-axis high-precision sensor. But Xiaomi Band 3 is a 3-axis high-precision sensor. Therefore, Xiaomi Band 4 has been greatly enhanced in terms of motor function.

In the experience, Xiaomi Band 4 supports touch screen, AI voice control, intelligent control, and other operations. It also supports NFC, which can bring much more convenience in daily life. But Xiaomi Band 3 only supports a single touch screen operation and does not support Alipay.

Battery Life

There is no significant difference between Xiaomi Band 4 and Xiaomi Band 3 on battery life, both of which are 15/20 days. However, in the charging mode, Xiaomi Band 4 puts the charging port to the bottom.


Xiaomi Band 4 is priced at 169 CNY/ 229 CNY, corresponding to the normal version and NFC version. Xiaomi Band 3 is priced at 169/199 yuan. There is almost no difference in their pricing strategies. But for overseas markets, Xiaomi Band 4 has an obvious higher price than Xiaomi Band 3.


In general, there are a lot of updates from Xiaomi Band 3 to Xiaomi Band 4. But the prices are almost the same. For the consumers who love smart wearable devices, Xiaomi Band 4 is indeed a worth buying smartband. With its new practical functions and super cost-effective features, Xiaomi Bracelet 4 will create an ideal future for Xiaomi.

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