Xiaomi DOCO Pore Cleaner Blackhead now available for $30.63

Xiaomi DOCO Pore vacuum cleaner is launched. The product is now available to purchase on AliExpress. The price of the product is set at $30.63

Features of Xiaomi DOCO Pore Vacuum Cleaner:

The blackhead removal technology of DOCO Blackhead Apparatus is derived from medical aesthetics. It adopts a small bubble + air pump mode. While sucking blackheads, the small bubble care solution can soften and moisturize deeply and nourish pores. It has six functions: soften cuticles, dissolve skin oils, remove blackheads, deeply moisturize, improve pores, and enhance skin tone.

Xiaomi DOCO Pore vacuum Cleaner Malaysia

After one use, the acne absorption rate is 50%. The problem of large pores is significantly improved, after one week of use. After four weeks of use, dull keratin is reduced and the complexion is brightened. Prior to six weeks of use, the overall skin is youthful and elastic.

The DOCO blackhead meter has a service life of 2 years, and the price is as low as a few cents once a week. It is more hygienic for dedicated personnel; and it is equipped with three soft silicone nozzles of the flat-shaped tip, medium-round tip and large round hole tip, suitable for Different parts; 3 levels of suction can be adjusted freely, the low level is suitable for girls/sensitive muscles, the middle level is suitable for mixed muscles, and the high level is suitable for men/oily muscles.

Built-in power supply, charge once, once a week (6 minutes), can be used for about 1-1.5 months. Before use, it is recommended to apply heat or use a facial steamer to help open the pores, and then use the blackhead extracting liquid to soften the blackheads, and you can easily suck out the blackheads.

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