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Xiaomi has generously upgraded to MIUI 12.5 another cheap smartphone

Sometimes updates for smartphones arrive in waves for several dozen devices. In other situations, the developer conducts point updates of popular models, which are still popular among fans.

Literally the other day it became known that last year's budget Redmi 9A began receiving MIUI 12.5 firmware based on Android 10 in China. Today there was information about the release of MIUI 12.5 for the base version of Redmi 9. Unlike its Chinese counterpart, Redmi 9 switches immediately to Android 11, which can not help but rejoice. The exact update number for MIUI v12.5.1.0 RJCEUXM. At this stage, the update is available to only a third of users in Europe. With such a step, the developer wants to attract a huge number of users for testing.

If in the near future no critical errors are detected in the update, the firmware will be available to all owners of the international version of Redmi 9. Recall that the Redmi 9 line was announced in the middle of last year, and for the Redmi 9 smartphone this update was the first large. Out of the box, the device worked on Android 10 with MIUI 12. Thus, in the first half of next year, the smartphone has every chance to switch to MIUI 13, if Xiaomi's plans are not violated again.

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