Xiaomi introduced hot water dispenser

Xiaomi has expanded its product line with a new device. It's called the Morfun Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser. It is a hot water dispenser that boasts support for remote control from a smartphone.

The body of the novelty contains a standard 19-liter bottle, which is used for installation in the lecterns of more famous brands. It also allows the installation of a container of less volume with identical cover diameters.

According to the manufacturer, hot water is supplied to the faucet three seconds after pressing the corresponding key on the dispenser body. The novelty also got a touch panel. You can also control your smartphone after installing Mijia software.

Morfun Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser raised over $ 180,000 at the crowdfunding site. The cost of the dispenser was $ 70. Sales will begin on April 26.

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