Xiaomi Mi 11 failed the autonomy test

Xiaomi Mi 11 failed the autonomy test

Specialists from the DxOMark laboratory tested the autonomy of the top smartphone Xiaomi Mi 11 in various scenarios. The experts were impressed by the speed of charging the device both by wire, there and by air. But there were problems with the autonomy of the smartphone.

The capacity of the Xiaomi Mi 11 battery is 4600 mAh. Fast charging technology up to 55 watts is available. The smartphone can also be "refueled" from a 50-watt wireless docking station.

During the tests, DxOMark researchers noticed that the smartphone performs well when using any of the supported charging methods. The battery "swings" on the cable from 0% to 89% in just half an hour, and up to 100% is charged in 56 minutes.

Wireless technology charges the battery a little slower. So, in 30 minutes the battery gains 48% of capacity, in 51 minutes – 80%, and is fully charged by air in 74 minutes.

Nevertheless, experts noted the disadvantages of the device. So Xiaomi Mi 11 is famous for high power consumption in almost any usage scenario. With 7 hours of use, the smartphone can work up to 23 hours. Also, the smartphone battery sits down even at night if you do not use it.

In the combined DxOMark autonomy rating, the Xiaomi smartphone scored 49 points. At the moment, this is the lowest rate among all tested gadgets.

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