Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite case, the best to protect your screen and lenses

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite, the smallest smartphone ever launched by the company and which seeks to be the preferred option for lovers of content-sized smartphones. Therefore, we recommend that you use a good cover so that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite passes the rest of its days intact and you can enjoy it for many years.

The XUNDD brand case is made of acrylic plastic on the back, which means it is resistant to drops and scratches. The next-generation airbag protection technology that is integrated allows you to enjoy our Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite smartphone, always knowing that it is protected against accidental falls and impacts.

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This technology is combined with raised 0.8mm edges that provide much-needed protection for both the cameras and the phone screen.

It is semi-flexible, has a good grip in the hand and prevents the rapid appearance of fingerprint marks or discoloration thanks to its acrylic material. It presents a simple design, but that gives it a very sporty touch.

We always recommend that you buy good quality cases, and in fact we have prepared a list of case brands that will best protect your smartphone with style, being resistant to falls and shocks because currently smartphones are increasingly expensive and Repairs can even exceed the price of the smartphone itself. That is why we now show you a XUNDD case for the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite resistant to shocks and falls.

A useful cover for all those people who have jobs where there is heavy machinery or are continuously exposed to dust and water. Preserving all sensitive parts so that no damage occurs.

Now XUNDD improves its proposal for a resistant case and launches its most resistant case and prepared for all those whose hands may seem like butter and who thus seek to protect the screen and components of this new Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite against any unforeseen event.

The XUNDD case for the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite shields all the edges and ensures high protection throughout the chassis including the screen. For added safety XUNDD adds a 0.8mm thick projecting edge on the edges and lenses with shock absorbing TPU material. On the other hand, these reinforced edges will be great for all those users looking for a cover adapted to spend hours playing with the greatest comfort.

In the back XUNDD adds acrylic plastic, this time in the back there are holes that allow heat dissipation, and thus spend hours of play without having a problem with the heat that is generated. This shock-resistant material is a derivative of that used in the manufacture of sinks and is resistant to falls and scratches, it is also semi-flexible.

This XUNDD case is available from the manufacturer's own store for the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite. It is for sale at a price of € 10 / $ 12.

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