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Xiaomi Mi Watch review-The second best in the world? - GEARCOUPON

Xiaomi Mi Watch review-The second best in the world?

I was very excited when I knew that at the conference Xiaomi will release Xiaomi Mi Watch half a month ago. Because I waited too long for a real smartwatch from Xiaomi. Before many brands released their smartwatches like Huawei GT2 and Amazfit GTR. But it’s a pity that they are not actually smart. Luckily, today I got a Xiaomi Mi Watch sample. Let’s check out my review for it with Apple Watch: Xiaomi Mi Watch review-The second best in the world?

Xiaomi Mi Watch review-The second best in the world?

1. Appearance

The overall appearance of Xiaomi Mi Watch is very good. Especially after tearing off the film attached to the watch, the crystal clear curved glass is very round and good looking.
The matte metal frame is very smooth to the touch. There is a small strip on the left side, it is a speaker. The small hole is a venting hole, and the right side is a crown, a microphone and a power button from top to bottom;
The back of Xiaomi Mi Watch is made of ceramic, with four charging contacts and a green heart rate sensor. The strap is made of a skin-friendly fluoro rubber, which is sweat-proof and waterproof and is also comfortable to wear.

Xiaomi Mi Watch review-The second best in the world?

Let’s compare the appearance of Xiaomi Mi Watch and Apple Watch. The two main similar features are the rectangular dial and the side crown. But when you look closely, there are also many differences between them.

The major different points between Xiaomi Mi Watch and Apple Watch:

  • From the front, Xiaomi Mi Watch is more slender and has a larger display area.
  • From the side, the middle frame of Xiaomi Mi Watch uses a flat matte metal, while the Apple Watch uses a curved matte metal. In addition, Apple Watch uses red eye-catching color for the button, and Xiaomi Mi Watch uses silver-gray. Whatsmore, Xiaomi Mi Watch has a microphone.
  • From the back, the locations of Xiaomi Mi Watch and Apple Watch’s sensor and charging contacts are different. And the Xiaomi Mi Watch is more prominent;
  • From the straps, they also have two different styles.

So after a closer comparison, Xiaomi Mi Watch and Apple Watch are different in many points.
Objectively speaking, Apple Watch does indeed be more refined, and the weight control is better. The appearance of Xiaomi Mi Watch has at least reached the success of Apple Watch.

We can say that Xiaomi Mi Watch is an Android version of Apple Watch. But this is just to the face, from the inside of them, they are very different

2. Interaction

Xiaomi Mi Watch review

The biggest difference between Xiaomi Mi Watch and Apple Watch of the inside is the interaction logic. Xiaomi’s interaction logic is like a smartphone. You just need to know how to use a mobile phone. So it is very easy to get started.

There are two parts for the interaction of Xiaomi Mi Watch:

1. The main interface.

  • Sliding from top to bottom: message notification, display notifications such as calls, text messages, app reminders, etc.
  • Sliding from bottom to top: control panel showing various shortcut switchesSliding from left to right: negative screen, showing weather, schedule, calendar, little love classmates, etc.
  • Sliding from right to left: Switch gadgets. Currently there are 7 cards for sports mode, today’s activity record, heart rate, Mijia, weather, Sogou map, schedule, and up to 5 pictures can be displayed.
  • Long press the main interface: switch the dial, there are currently dozens of dials to choose from

2. After clicking to the crown

Actually you have entered the ‘phone mode’ after clicking to the crown.

There are 3 functions for the crown:

  • Main interface, press to call out the phone mode.
  • Operation interface, press to return.
  • Turn the crown in any interface, with the motor vibration, you can browse the screen information up and down.

There are 2 functions for the power button:

  • Long press: as a power switch.
  • Tap to use: as a shortcut to call out the sport mode.

The interaction of Xiaomi Mi Watch is very simple, and it is quite friendly for new users. So I prefer Xiaomi Mi Watch because I need to explore Apple Watch for at least a while, otherwise, I don’t quite understand how it works.

3. Features

Xiaomi Mi Watch can be used as a small phone, so you can imagine how rich the function. I will not introduce the functions a bit. Before using Xiaomi Mi Watch, you need to install Xiaomi Wear app and the Wear OS app on your smartphone, mainly to connect and synchronize the watch data.

Rich watch faces

Xiaomi Mi Watch review-The second best in the world?
Xiaomi Mi Watch review

Different from dozens of built-in dials provided by other smartwatches, Xiaomi also provides a custom dial. You can use your photos to make a dial background. And you can also set a personalized signature as a dial, which is called MIUI 11 Vientiane screen.

Always-on display

Xiaomi Mi Watch supports the always-on display. When it is turned on, it does not display the selected dial. Instead, it displays a simple time and date in white on a black background. Xiaomi Mi Watch will automatically turn on the power save mode when there is only 5% of the power. At this time, the screen displays only the digital time in yellow on a black background.

Battery life

The battery life of Xiaomi Mi Watch is around 28 hours after turning on Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi connection, etc. So, it still can not escape the fate of one day one charge. And the magnetic charging takes about 2 hours from zero to full.

Sports mode

Several basic functions such as step counting, pressure detection, heart rate measurement, and sleep monitoring have been quite mature on Xiaomi Mi Watch.
In addition, indoor sports, outdoor running, cycling, walking, climbing and other sports modes are all available. What’s more important is Xiaomi Mi Watch supports swimming waterproof. It is no problem to take a bath or swim.

Smart integration

Xiaomi Mi Watch review

Xiaomi Mi Watch supports a full-featured AI assistant. You can wake up it by voice and long-press crown.
At the same time, Xiaomi Mi Watch has a built-in Mijia app. Currently, it supports the switch and color temperature adjustment of Mijia table lamp, and the switch of Mijia camera. The later versions of the verification functions of other Mijia products will be updated continuously.


This time Xiaomi Mi Watch is equipped with an independent linear motor. The vibration is accurate and comfortable. When the mobile phone receives the notification, the watch will vibrate. So you don’t need to worry about missing the notifications.
In addition, there are independent speakers, you can listen to songs, make phone calls, and chat with AI assistant. And the sound quality is also very good.


Xiaomi Mi Watch supports NFC, WIFI and GPS. And they are independent functions so you do not need to use them with your phone.


As a true smartwatch, you can download many Apps on Xiaomi Mi Watch. The apps it supports will be more and more with the updates.

4. Summary of Xiaomi Mi Watch review

If you want me to talk about cons, it is a pity that Xiaomi Mi Watch does not support wireless charging. Although the standard magnetic charger is also very convenient to use, it is slightly inconvenient to bring a charger. So I hope the second generation can support wireless charging.
Xiaomi Mi Watch is the best Android flagship watch you can buy now. Buy an eSIM and it can be used as a small mobile phone.

5. Xiaomi Mi Watch price

The standard version of Xiaomi Mi Watch 1,299CNY, which is definitely the most valuable smartwatch that is currently worth buying. Now, you can get it from Gearbest at a promising price of $269.99. Check it out:

9 Total Score
Xiaomi Mi Watch review-The second best in the world

  • Easy to use
  • Good look
  • Waterproof
  • Rich features
  • Good speaker
  • No wireless charging
  • Not good battery life
User Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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