Xiaomi MIUI 11: Trial Troubleshooting Applications!

The release of Android 10 has led to an in-depth review of application rights management, with the goal of giving the user more control over the activities running in the background, as well as restricting specific access to the system. MIUI 11

However, the system is not perfect. Xiaomi, for example, is working on a new feature that is part of MIUI 11, which will alert the user when an application requires particularly sensitive authorizations.

The discovery was made by XDA. This feature is called "Application Behavior Recording" in MIUI 11 and records when applications launch other applications in the background or when they use sensitive permissions.

The recorded behavior is as follows:

Auto start in background
Chain start (application launching another application)
Use of specific rights
Perform sensitive actions

The "sensitive actions" of MIUI 11 apparently include the following:

Background audio recording
Access calendar events
Access your call history
Take photos or record videos
Access or save items to the clipboard
Dial a number
Access to contacts
Access your location
Read text messages
Access to sensor data
Access to activity information
Read your phone number
Access device information
Access or save files in the background

Any authorization is registered by MIUI 11 and sent to the user as a notification so that it can remain under control and may be blocked in the event of an unknown application or installation without permission.

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In short, it is an additional deterrent to ensuring the safety of users and provides an additional control tool in the context of customizing Xiaomi MIUI 11. Trials are ongoing for a small number of users, so it will take some time before they reach some from subsequent versions of MIUI 11.



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