Xiaomi POCO M3, prices and specifications leaked

Tomorrow will be the day when we will see Xiaomi's new POCO M3 presented to the Global market of the company of Chinese origin. Little we need to know about this POCO M3, as its characteristics have been leaking or in turn, the POCO brand has been showing them.

Now, we already know one of the parts that was missing to know, the most important and decisive, the part that will make this new Xiaomi POCO M3 sell as much as the POCO X3 that we recently analyzed on the web.

The POCO M3 will contain a 6.63 ″ IPS screen with a side fingerprint sensor, an encapsulated drop-shaped in-screen selfie lens. In the back will be housed 3 lenses that will allow the user to take normal, portrait and wide-angle photographs. The rear lenses mounted on a glossy plate with the letters POCO.

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