Xiaomi prepares to develop its first processor with 5G

chip-5g xiaomi processor

The shortage of available stock of Qualcomm processors has led to Xiaomi having to increase the use of MediaTek semiconductors to continue developing new smartphones. But it seems that the Asian firm has its own Plan B and Xiaomi will develop its first processor with 5G.

According to information provided by DigiTimes, both Xiaomi and Oppo seem ready to start developing their own processors with 5G technology. Some chips that would arrive at the end of this year or the beginning of 2022.

Both companies have reached an agreement with Unisoc, a manufacturer based in Shanghai. The goal is not just to compete against the world's largest semiconductor suppliers. It is also to not depend on them and avoid problems such as the current shortage and avoid possible situations such as those suffered by Huawei after being vetoed by the US.

Xiaomi previously developed its own processor

Xiaomi previously developed its own processor for smartphones in 2017, the Surge S1 that was used in the Mi 5C. And recently it has made known to us its own developed processor that mounts the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold for image processing, the Surge C1.

We will see which of the two companies is the first to present its first processor with 5G. Despite this move, next year's high-end will continue to use Qualcomm's range.

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