Xiaomi Redmi Note, the range that saves Xiaomi

Today the Chinese company Xiaomi, which we follow and champion on the web, has shown the sales figures for smartphones from the Redmi Note range. 140 million million smartphones in this range have been sold throughout the 7-year life of the Redmi Note range.

Thus, the range that saves the company furniture, and how good a reputation Xiaomi has managed to achieve in recent years.

According to the latest data released by Omdia, a world-renowned market research company, in the first half of 2020, the Redmi series ranked in the top ten, showing strong sales.

The Redmi Note 8 series took two of the top 10 spots in global sales. Getting the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro sold 11 million units and 10.2 million units respectively throughout this 2020. Also in eighth place and ninth place we find the Redmi 8A and Redmi 8 with 7.3 million and 6.8 million units sold respectively.

In other words, the Redmi range is the one with the most sales, benefits and reputation the firm is offering today, leaving the Mi range relegated to the background. Just for these data, Xiaomi should offer more support to these terminals, updating its software due to the multitude of users who have trusted the Redmi Note range.

That is why this boast of numbers arrives to announce tomorrow a new presentation that will take place in China. It is expected that new Redmi models with 5G will be presented that could later reach our market.

Tomorrow we will have more information on when this event will be held, where we will know the new Xiaomi Redmi Note range that continues to save the business of the company that plays with mid-range and low-end smartphones in a league full of iPhone's to exceed in sales.

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