Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner, the best for your home

At the fast pace that this society requires us to live and work, we have less and less time to clean the home, which is why the famous robot vacuum cleaners have managed to revolutionize the way we clean our house. With this tool you only have to press a button and it takes care of vacuuming every corner while you keep working or hooked on that series that you like so much. Therefore, we are going to try to classify in this article the 11 most affordable robot vacuum cleaner models in the Xiaomi ecosystem and with the best features so that you can choose the ideal one for your home, budget and needs.

But first, let's see why these robot vacuum cleaners are essential in our home today and why we recommend the following models:

They have affordable prices compared to their competitors. They have scrubbing, although it is more like mopping, the results are quite satisfactory, although it does not mean that we have to scrub the floor from time to time. Your payment ends up paying itself since time That frees you is time you have for yourself or yours. If you have pets and you are always collecting hair, forget it, more than 80% of these hairs will disappear. In my case I have a cat and I have totally forgotten having to be behind with the manual vacuum cleaner, wasting time with daily cleaning, its spare parts are very cheap and there are many stores that sell them, the purchase being simple from Spain or outside Spain. Although the spare parts are not recommended to be washed, I always wash them, I stretch their use several times by washing the filters and rollers. I let them dry and when they are dry I use them again.They are compatible with Alexa, as well as with Xiaomi Mi Home automation, allowing the creation of smart scenes with other Xiaomi products or activation schedules.

So let's see these 11 robot vacuum cleaner models that we have prepared for you from the Xiaomi ecosystem

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Robot Vacuum Cleaner SDJQR02RR

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Robot Vacuum Cleaner SDJQR02RR

The first robot vacuum cleaner model that we are going to talk about is from the Xiaomi brand and has the ability to vacuum and sweep the floor.

One of the strengths of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum SDJQR02RR vacuum cleaner is its suction power of 1800 p.a., which is much higher than the average for robot vacuum cleaners, so it will give very good results. You can also control it with the Mi Home app from your mobile, plan smart routes, organize where and when to clean, a map of the house and sensors to avoid hitting furniture or falling down the stairs. Another feature of this Xiaomi robot is that it is very silent so it will be very easy to use and not annoying as it happens to other models.

The 5,200 mAh battery of this robot vacuum cleaner will give us good autonomy and with the same charge we can clean the house several times. When it needs to charge it will return to the base only.

Value for money is one of the best on the market at € 206 approx.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Robot Vacuum STYJ02YM

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Robot Vacuum STYJ02YM

This Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner model has the option of vacuuming and scrubbing. In addition, it better detects the type of floor and dirt by adjusting the power and obtaining a more detailed and appropriate cleaning for each surface.

It can also be controlled through the Mi Home app and plan routes around the house, control schedules and cleaning areas or even how to move. The 3200 mAh lithium battery, with a noise lower than 55dB and automatically returns to the base to charge. Finally, the suction power is 2100 p.a. which is above average.

In conclusion, this Xiaomi Vacuum STYJ02YM robot vacuum cleaner option is the most complete as it has a way to mop the floor and with a good value for money with an amount of € 219.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1s Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the improved version of its predecessor and, as demonstrated by the Xiaomi philosophy, heeding all the suggestions of its customers.

Starting with system and navigation improvements, incorporating a laser sensor and an optical sensor with Corning Gorilla Glass protection, to the 12 existing sensors. It also has additional power and, added to the also improved technological aspects, it is the market favorite without a doubt. It can create a much more accurate map of your home with its Artificial Intelligence system, which can recognize images and know where it is in the house.

It includes four power levels and its suction capacity increases to 2000 p.a. so it is recommended for cleaning carpets and homes with pets. The 5200 mAh battery allows you to clean your house several times with the same charge.

Its market price is € 225.

In this link you will find our analysis of this robot vacuum cleaner.

Xiaomi Mijia G1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Mijia G1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Another of the robot vacuum cleaner models to highlight is the Xiaomi Miija Vacuum G1, which is much cheaper than those described above.

Its market price is € 120. Its strong point is the suction power of 2200 p.a with 4 different suction points to cope with different types of cleaning, carpets and pet hair.

In addition to vacuuming, it also scrubs and you can manage it with the Mi Home app. It includes a series of sensors but they are not laser so it is not as smart as other models.

Xiaomi Mijia 1C Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Mijia 1C Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Xiaomi Miija Vaccum 1C robot vacuum cleaner is even more powerful than the previous model with 2500 p.a of suction power. One of the highest on the market. It vacuums, scrubs, and has up to 15 high-precision laser sensors, creating more efficient routes while avoiding all obstacles with its improved navigation system. With a 2600 mAh battery and a very competent price of € 195 it is also a very good purchase option compared to other robot vacuum cleaners with similar characteristics.

Roborock S5 Max

Roborock S5 Max

But without a doubt, the robot vacuum cleaner that sweeps and scrubs with more precision, adapting up to the amount of water indicated for each floor and with a 290 ml water tank, is the Roborock S5 Max.

Of course, its price is € 389, but it is worth it if your house has a large surface area and different types of floors, carpets, obstacles … since with the new generation of laser maps that includes advanced navigation, the battery of 5200 mAh lithium and 2000 pa suction power is the king of rock. It also has the ability to climb surfaces up to 2 cm such as carpets or small unevenness.

Of course, you can manage all its functions and create maps from the Xiaomi Mi Home app or from the app of the same manufacturer Roborock.

Roborock S6

Roborock S6

We continue with the top-of-the-range model, Roborock S6, with all the functions of the S5 Max but improved and at a fairly adjusted price of € 394.

It is 50% quieter than the previous model, with a suction power of 2000 p.a and remote laser sensors that make it more precise. The capacity of the water tank is almost double with 480 ml. and its ability to thoroughly clean dust, lint, hair, etc. make it ideal for large-area homes and with pets.

One note to add is that you can vacuum and scrub at the same time. Obviously, with all these improvements, it becomes one of the most complete on the market.

Roborock S4

Roborock S4

Compared to its bigger brothers, the Roborock S4 robot vacuum cleaner has nothing to envy them with regard to the suction power of 2000 pa and the battery of 5200 mAh.

It is also recommended for homes with pets, but it does not include the scrubbing option. It's a bit louder than later models, but it's a bit cheaper for something, $ 319 at Amazon.

Roborock E4

Roborock E4

We start by clarifying that Roborock has two product lines; the S range, which are the models that we have described above and that come with laser navigation and the E range, which is to which this model belongs, with advanced navigation and therefore cheaper.

Thus, the Roborock E4 robot vacuum cleaner, despite its price of € 299, includes the scrubbing option, has a great suction power of 2000 pa and a great autonomy with the 5200 mAh battery.

This, along with its advanced navigation and compatibility with voice commands through Alexa, makes it another big favorite with the public.

Dreame F9

Dreame F9

The Dreame F9 is a robot vacuum cleaner with a remarkable power of 2500 pa. It includes the option of antibacterial scrubbing, smart navigation and an adjusted price of € 189, which will make it another of the strong bets for the user.

The intelligent navigation of this robot has an advanced V-SLAM Pioneer 2.0 system with a TOF optical sensor together with 14 sensors that will make this little one an expert in moving in complicated areas with many obstacles.

For the antibacterial scrub option it includes a 600 ml tank. and 3 pressure levels depending on the soil material.

Dreame D9

Dreame D9

The Dreame D9 robot vacuum cleaner is another of the competitively priced, high-performance models just launched on the market. With the laser navigation sensor operated by the intelligent SLAM algorithm, the ultra-strong 3000pa suction power and the 5200 mAh battery, make this robot model one of the most interesting of the existing ones. Includes scrubbing option, 13 sensors and an Alexa voice command support via mobile app for hands-free operation.

The launch price on Aliexpress is 300 euros.

In summary, we can conclude that for a house with not very large surfaces and that has an affordable price with good cleaning results, we opted for the Xiaomi Vacuum 1S robot vacuum cleaner model or for the more economical Xiaomi Mijia 1C solution. If, on the other hand, you have many square meters in your home and you need a spectacular finish, the Roborock S6 / Pure or the newcomer Dreame D9 would be the chosen ones.

If you still cannot decide, we detail the most outstanding characteristics of each model in this comparative table, so that you can get out of your doubts and choose the ideal robot vacuum cleaner for your home.

The ideal robot vacuum cleaner for your home: all the models of the Xiaomi ecosystem






Xiaomi Vacuum SDJQR02RR1800 p.a5200 mAh Vacuum and sweep. 12 Sensors € 206 Xiaomi Vacuum STYJ02YM2100 p.a3200 mAh Vacuum and scrub. 12 sensors € 219 Xiaomi Vacuum 1S2000 p.a5200 mAh Vacuum, sweep and

powder sterilizer. Laser and optical sensors.

€ 225 Mijia G12 200 p.a2500 mAh Vacuum and scrub.

12 sensors

€ 120 Miija 1C2500 p.a2600 mAh Vacuum and scrub. 15 sensors € 195 Roborock S5 Max2000 p.a5200 mAh Vacuum and scrub, 290 ml water tank, 15 laser sensors € 389 Roborock S62000 p.a5200 mAh Vacuum and scrub at the same time, 480 ml water tank, 15 remote laser sensors € 394 Roborock S42000 p.a5200 mAh Aspirate.

11 Laser sensors.

€ 319 Roborock E42000 p.a5200 mAh Aspirate.

Advanced navigation.

€ 299 Dreame F92500 p.a5200 mAh Vacuum and antibacterial scrub, 600 ml reservoir. Advanced navigation with 14 sensors € 189 Dreame D93000 pa5200 mAh Vacuum and scrub, Advanced navigation with 13 sensors € 300

We hope that this guide has been of great help to you and that you know which are all the robot vacuum cleaner models of the Xiaomi ecosystem, what are their characteristics and where you can buy them at the best price at this time.

If you have been wanting more, visit this link where you will find more shopping guides, functionalities or help.

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