Xiaomi turned out to be better than Huawei for the first time

For the first time in its 10 years of existence, Xiaomi has been able to bypass Huawei in terms of smartphone shipments. However, we are talking about February this year.

Quarantined, Xiaomi shipped 6 million smartphones. Compared to January of the current year, the indicator decreased by 40%. Huawei was able to get higher due to the fact that the last spacer fell even more – from 12.2 million to 5.5 million units.

The coronavirus outbreak in China has affected Apple as well. The US giant has reduced deliveries by 5.8 million pieces – to 10.2 million, but Samsung almost did not feel the quarantine. Shipments from Suwon also declined, but by only 1.9 million, making up 18.2 million devices.

Note that the top 5 also found a place for the company OPPO. It has marketed 4 million smartphones. And the sixth was vivo with a figure of 3.6 million.

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