Xiaomi Viomi Smart Dishwasher: new smart dishwasher on YouPin

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Dishwasher: new smart dishwasher on YouPin
It seems that Xiaomi intends to still produce many devices from here to come. In fact, over the past few hours, some of the brand’s new products have appeared on YouPin . As we know, this company incorporates many other small companies, all eager to emerge on the market with their product . Xiaomi, in this case, helps these realities from the economic point of view, giving them the possibility of developing any type of device. Over the years, one of the most successful companies in this field has certainly been Viomi . So much so that Xiaomi has decided to produce, under this brand, a new smart dishwasher . Viomi Smart Dishwasher hides a bit of “Italy” On YouPin a new appearance has appeared smart dishwasher, defined Xiaomi Viomi Smart Dishwasher . As with many other “smart” products, in fact, Viomi also wanted to label this device with its own name. Inside this dishwasher , however, it beats an all-Italian soul. If we take a look at the technical characteristics, in fact, we note how the water pump was designed by a company of our country, Weike . This pump, therefore, is able to provide a high pressure pulse water flow, for washing dishes, from 15,000 Pa . Thanks to the high pressure, therefore, it is possible to clean the dishes more thoroughly and ensure greater hygiene. On this product there is also a special cleaning technology, which shoots the water jet inside at [19459007 ] 360 ° . This is then combined with a temperature maximum of 70 ° which favors the cleaning of the dishes and the sterilization of the dishes. When the washing is complete, the dishwasher uses its own intelligent hot-air drying system imported from Japan, called PTC . Obviously on Xiaomi Viomi Smart Diswasher we find various washing modes. Among the many, we have the quick wash , the standard wash and, subsequently, various economical and personalized washing modes. As far as the capacity of the appliance is concerned, then, there are absolutely no problems, being able to insert inside up to 8 sets of cutlery . What’s more, the dishwasher can then be controlled from the smartphone. Thanks to the app by Viomi , in fact, the washing mode can be activated, for example, wherever you are. Just an internet connection and you’re done. According to what we have seen on YouPin , Xiaomi Viomi Smart Dishwasher is on sale at a price of 2499 yuan, approximately [ 19459007] 320 euros at current exchange rates.
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Source: https://gizchina.it/2019/08/xiaomi-viomi-smart-dishwasher-lavastoviglie-smart-youpin/
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