Xiaomi Youpin umbrella, bestseller on Aliexpress

Xiaomi has its own extensive catalog of products under its Mijia brand and of third-party products sold on Youpin, and proof of this is this new high-quality umbrella. It is an umbrella that stands out for its perfect combination of portability, durability and protection, resistant to large gusts of wind and that is not only capable of protecting us from the rain, but also from the sun's rays.

In addition to fulfilling the work of the mythical accessory that prevents us from getting wet, this umbrella has been able to reinvent itself and redesign its operation so that the user can use it on the sunniest days to protect themselves from the sun.

This new version joins many others that the Asian firm has launched on the market and where, of course, we have spoken here.

In this way, if you have been tired of carrying the same umbrella for a long time, now Xiaomi brings you this new and lightweight portable capsule umbrella. Thanks to its unique design to accompany you on rainy days but, above all, so that you also acquire the habit of using this type of umbrella to walk in the sun and alleviate the feeling of embarrassment.

Characteristics of the umbrella that Xiaomi sells on Youpin

In detail, the umbrella has been manufactured with an aluminum alloy, an impact cloth on its surface and with ABS material on its own handle.

This umbrella that Xiaomi has sold on Youpin is very small and has become a bestseller

Once folded, it occupies a space of only 6 cm wide x 17 cm high and a weight that does not exceed 220 grams, so its transport is truly comfortable. In turn, when it is open, it offers 102 cm diagonally, enough coverage for one or two people since it offers us a complete refuge.

Its characteristics include a set of highly resistant rods. It consists of six strong and flexible high-density internal bars that make up the skeleton of the umbrella and, in turn, provide high resistance to high-speed gusts of wind.

This umbrella that Xiaomi sells in its third-party store, Youpin, arrives with striking and curious colors. It is available in turmeric orange, grapefruit, green and purple, colors inspired by fashion, as specified by the manufacturer, and it has a portable capsule that facilitates its portability.

This umbrella that Xiaomi has sold on Youpin is very small and has become a bestseller

Waterproof coating, UV protection and thermal insulation

This umbrella has been made with high quality waterproof fabric in which there is no danger of rain penetrating. Having a water-repellent coating, so it is not necessary to dry it after coming from outside.

It also has a second layer that adds vinyl sun protection that will be able to protect us against the sun's ultraviolet rays. A highly effective insulation that can reduce the temperature under the umbrella up to 6ºC to 13ºC.

It is an umbrella of exceptional quality with very useful and practical functions. A true ally on hot and rainy days thanks to its UV protection and its special water-repellent coating.

The umbrella that Xiaomi has sold on Youpin is ideal for both children and adults. It is currently one of the best-selling umbrellas on Aliexpress and you can find it at a price of € 17 / $ 20.

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