Yenkee Wireless Charger Reviews: You'll love their simplicity

Recently, everything has become wireless. We can say that modern wireless times began several years ago with the Bluetooth standard, which we have been using up to now for virtually any connection of two devices. Over time, we have seen wireless headphones, for example, led by Apple's AirPods, and we are now in a phase where wireless chargers of all kinds have filled the market. We can say that in the current situation, each user comes into their own.


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Numerous different types of wireless chargers are available on the market. Some of them are trying to imitate Apple's discarded AirPower project, a design for charging several devices at once, but we have also seen interesting and sophisticated power banks that wireless charging on their body also offers. Somehow it was forgotten about users who are not demanding and want to simply, stylishly and cheaply charge for example only their iPhone wirelessly. In this case, you might like Yenkee's solution, which is well known and popular in the Czech Republic due to its unusual name. Let's take a look at the two pieces of Yenkee wireless chargers, labeled YAC 5005 and YAC 5005, in this review.

Yenkee YAC 5005 Wireless Charger

For the first time in this review we look at the wireless charger Yenkee YAC 5005. As you can guess from the name, in this case it will be a charger that has a maximum power of 5 W (5V / 1A). This wireless charger can fit in virtually any user's basic equipment. It should be noted, however, that most of the latest devices will no longer be able to deliver the maximum performance supported by the devices. All iPhones support a maximum power of 10W (albeit software limited to 7.5W), the latest Samsung can then wirelessly receive power of up to 15 W. So if you are looking for a wireless charger that will supply your device with the highest possible power you won't go. The charger is Qi standard, so you can charge virtually any device that supports wireless charging.

Package contents


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Packing this wireless charger is modern and simple. The whole box is colored black, but there are orange elements, which are known for the brand Yenkee. On the front you will find the charger itself with its basic features. On the back of the box you will then find a section on complete specifications. You will also find that the charger is protected against short circuit, overvoltage, overheating and overload. In addition to the charger itself, you will also find a manual and a USB-C – USB cable in the package to connect the charger to a power source. In this case, I have to commend that Yenkee adds 1 meter cables to its wireless chargers. This is definitely not standard and many manufacturers bundle short and impractical 20 cm cables with their chargers.

Processing and design


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If you look at the processing page of this wireless charger, it certainly will not surprise you, but on the other hand, or offensive. The round shape of these chargers is quite common and the use of plastic material – he or any other material virtually because of energy permeability can not use. On the top of the charger you will find a rubberised ring to prevent the device from sliding off the charger. Then you will find the Yenkee logo in the middle of the circle. From the side of the circle you will then find a "bite" part with a USB-C connector, which is used to connect the charger's power supply. On the bottom of the charger you will find four non-slip feet, along with other specifications. I must not forget the LED, which gives you an overview of whether your device is charged or not. If the LED is green, the charger is ready for charging or your device is fully charged. If the color is red, the device is being charged.

Personal experience and resume


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From my own experience, I can recommend this wireless charger to all users who are not looking for the most expensive and advanced product. If you do not mind that your iPhone or other device will not charge at the highest possible speed and at the same time you like the classic shape of "flying saucer", then the charger Yenkee YAC 5005 could be the right nut. It is one of the best wireless chargers you can buy on the domestic market in price / performance ratio. In this case, the safety of the whole charger is a matter of course, in the form of protection against short circuit, overvoltage, overheating and overload.

You can purchase the Yenkee YAC 5005 Wireless Charger here

Yenkee YAC 5010 Wireless Charger

In case you don't like the Yenkee YAC 5005 charger, for example because of poor performance or because of the round design, which of course may not suit everyone, I have another alternative for you. This is the Yenkee YAC 5010 Wireless Charger, which differs from virtually everything from the wireless charger listed above – let's start with the technical specifications. The Yenkee YAC 5010 offers up to 10W output, which means it is perfectly suited to all users who own iPhone with wireless charging. As I mentioned above, iPhone supports a maximum wireless charging power of 10 W, but this is limited to 7.5 W software. So if you ever unblock it back to 10 W, then you can be sure that even after charge your iPhone wireless at the highest possible speed. In this case, the output is via the USB-C connector. In this case too, the charger is of course Qi standard.

Package contents


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As for the packaging, you can look forward to a stylish black and orange box, where the front side shows the wireless charger itself, along with the main information. In this case, you can open the front of the package like a book. After opening, you will find the charger at its best under the transparent plastic. The plastic has a small hole, thanks to which you can touch the top of the charger – the material later. In addition to the next charger image, you will find icons that provide information on short circuit, overvoltage, overheat and overload protection, as well as icons on supported devices and charger performance. You will then find complete specifications on the back. Then you will find what you need in the package – and nothing more. In addition to the charger itself, you will drop out of the plastic portable and practical meter cable, along with the manual. Adapter or whatever you would look in the package in vain, which of course at the cost of the charger is no disadvantage.



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In terms of processing, in my opinion, the Yenkee YAC 5010 charger is much better processed than the Yenkee YAC 5005 charger mentioned in the first part of the review. by Apple in Space Gray. Of course, aluminum is not the top side, nor is it plastic. With this charger, you can look forward to a black, stylish fabric cover on the top of the charging device. In this case, it is not guaranteed that the device does not come off the surface of the charger, but on the other hand, it is a perfect design element that pleases many eyes. From the bottom of the charger you will find four non-slip rubber feet, along with the Yenkee logo and specifications. Even in this case, you will find a LED on the side of the charger to indicate the charging status.

Personal experience and resume


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Personally, I love the design, so I will gladly but also with a cool head, I recommend the wireless charger Yenkee YAC 5010. Immediately you will be interested in the aluminum design of this charger, which is combined with a fabric surface. This charger certainly does not offend its "guts", thanks to which it can produce power of up to 10 watts. This power is ample enough to charge iPhones at full speed, with other devices you need to find out what maximum power they support for wireless charging. The Yenkee YAC 5010 is a minimalist wireless charger that fits perfectly in color with your apple products.

You can purchase the Yenkee YAC 5010 Wireless Charger here

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