You can enjoy unlimited camera storage in HomeKit Secure Video with only one iCloud tariff

During the main WWDC 2021 presentation, Apple representatives talked about a lot of things, which, for obvious reasons, they could only deal with very marginally, with further details leaking to the world later. This is exactly the case with the announced iCloud + service, which includes a number of user benefits (see the article below). It has now been clarified how the storage provided for data from home HomeKit compatible camera systems will work.

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iCloud +

Apple has just introduced iCloud +

WWDC 2021
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For example, iCloud + offers a Private Relay service that resembles a VPN, Hide My Email, or just expanded support for HomeKit-compatible security camera systems. Details of how the last-named iCloud + feature will work have appeared in the newly released information about this service.

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To take advantage of unlimited secure storage on iCloud dedicated to camera recordings, users must subscribe to the highest level of iCloud with 2TB of shared storage, for which Apple requires $ 249 per month.

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According to the currently set conditions, the 50 GB iCloud plan does not support any camera system, the 200 GB iCloud plan supports storage for one camera and up to five cameras can be backed up when paying the top 2 TB iCloud plan. However, this will change with the advent of iCloud +. The basic iCloud + package with 50 GB storage will offer support for storing recordings from one camera, the 200 GB package will offer support for up to a petition of cameras, and an unlimited iCloud + package will offer support for an unlimited number of cameras. Storage for camera recordings does not fall into the overall data plan of iCloud and is therefore beyond the 50GB / 200GB / 2TB offered by Apple. However, the data is only here 10 days after the recording was made.

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Apple will provide a temporarily unlimited iCloud for data transfer

WWDC 2021
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