You can watch Netflix on a Mac in macOS Big Sur in HDR

Apple traditionally introduced new versions of its operating systems at the introductory Keynote to this year's WWDC Development Conference. Among them was macOS 11 Big Sur, which brought a number of different news and improvements. Among other things, it was, for example, a new version of the Safari web browser, which underwent several minor improvements, such as support for HDR videos. If you're one of the daredevils who have already installed the latest version of macOS, you can experience enhanced video playback in Safari first-hand.

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macOS Big Sur

5 hidden innovations in macOS 11 Big Sur that deserve attention


Pavel Jelič

June 28, 2020


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The popular Netflix streaming service has been offering 4K quality content for some time. Mac owners who watched Netflix in a web browser on their computer, but have not yet had the opportunity to enjoy movies and series in this quality. Even after Apple came up with new Macs that were fully compatible with HEVC codecs, it was not possible to play Netflix content in 4K quality on a Mac. Apple only introduced technology support for the Safari browser on the macOS 11 Big Sur operating system, while also introducing compatibility with Dolby Vision and HDR10 for an even better movie and series viewing experience. However, according to Apple, streaming in 4K HDR is only possible with Macs from 2018 and later, even after installing macOS 11 Big Sur. Older Macs only allow 1080p content to be played on Netflix. Apple has also launched the VP9 codec for iOS 14 and tvOS 14 applications, so users can watch YouTube content in 4K HDR, but Safari 14 still lacks this support.

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