YouTube has officially launched one of the biggest tweaks to iOS 14, but there's a catch

If you are a YouTube lover, we have very good news for you. Its operator has finally officially swayed to deploy support for Picture in Picture mode on iPhones and iPads with iOS and iPadOS 14. But it has a catch – this feature is only available to Premium membership subscribers.

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Pavel Jelič 6 August 2019 1

It is no secret for many months that YouTube plans to offer Picture-in-Picture as part of a Premium membership, as the platform itself has announced this intention in information about beta testing of upcoming news. After all, that's exactly why some of you, as subscribers to YouTube Premium, have been able to use Picture-in-Picture for some time. However, the function has so far been limited to selected users. But that is finally changing now, as Google, which runs YouTube, has officially announced that everyone in the picture can finally enjoy it – or will be able to. As is customary with Google services, their news is spreading at a relatively slow pace, so you may have to wait a little longer for Image-in-Image to arrive.

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